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  • "Good Morning,
    Heather and I wish to take full advantage of a 9:00am arrival time, since she insists that I ride my BADASS motorcycle home.
    I greatly appreciate everyone's help with circumnavigating the Z125 delima. I was willing to do whatever it took to help Heather build confidence riding motorcycles. See, on our drive down to your shop last week, I shared with Heather the goal, the dream. If you've ever been to Canyonlands National Park, Utah; once there while standing on the lookout I had a vision, almost as vivid as a f^&%ing commercial; riding dual sports on off-road trails, camping next to a spring fed creek under the fold of a mini-canyon. "How can I cultivate this into reality!?" Well, Barber Motorsport Park planted the seed and you guys got rid of the weeds. If I am patient in playing my cards, I should reap the harvest of your work. In other words you guys hit #11 on a max 10 volume scale.
    Tonight I'll be sure to leave a killer comment on social media.

    See you on Saturday at 9:00 AM.

    Thanks so much,

    Jason Huckaby"

    Overall Rating:
    Jason Huckaby - Baton Rouge, LA
  • "I would highly recommend Lightspeed Motor Sports. The owner went above and beyond for me. To start, he asked many questions to truly understand my needs. As a result, he was able to talk me out of a bike that would have been a mistake for me and recommended something much better, but still within the same price range. It would have been awful not to be completely happy with my first ever bike. He was patient and took a ton of time with me to make sure I was making the best decision for me. He towed the bike to my home for me and even mounted a bracket so that my license plate would look perfect. He's even offered to serve as a mentor for helpful advice and any information I need as I learn what being a "biker" is all about. Excellent buying experience!"

    Overall Rating:
    Jeff Granier - Baton Rouge, LA
  • "Everything was great! The customer service was outstanding. I was able to order a riding lawnmower over the phone and they delivered it the same day! And thanks to Sterling the guy that delivered it he was very helpful and knew a lot about the mower."

    Overall Rating:
    Tammy Partin
  • "These guys are great, they got me more then I bargained far. A very satisfied customer. Will be doing more business there."

    Overall Rating:
    Jason Lambert
  • "I love this place the workers are the best friendly and easy to deal with courteous I'm very patient with you as a customer they don't rush you I make you feel pressure to buy anything I have purchased one bike from them before and looking to purchase my second if you're interested in purchasing a motorcycle this is the place to go don't listen to me check it out for yourself."

    Overall Rating:
    Tyronne Stokes
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